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Sunday, September 17, 2006

When Even Congress Knows You're Wrong

God lord, I wake up this morning after a terrible night of particularly vivid dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me with a skanky-looking blonde and her trasher husband... STRANGE, only to find that in my absence from consciousness Bush has decided to attempt to "clarify" the terms of the Geneva Convention...

Yes, let's have a little bit of a looky see at what's going on with the Geneva Convention...

Ah, yes, here it is: It appears to BAN TORTURE! Hmmmmm, NOW I understand Bush's sketchy understanding of it. Puh-fucking-lease. The man is a cunt.

Apparently the US need to be allowed to use torture on "high-value Al Qaeda suspects" so that they can protect their citizens from attack. It is even worth protecting your country from those that seek to destroy your oft-promoted democratic values if the path you have to take is that of torturing prisoners?

Need I remind anyone of what was done in the name of the Soviets in a bid to further their social agenda? Seriously, what the fuck is going on? Am I just WAY to into my thesis and am starting to see parallels to NKVD or KGB behaviour in everything that the "bastion of freedom", the United States of America does in its war on terror.

On second thought, I think that perhaps I would prefer to return to the dreams of my partner's infidelities than wake up to a world in which my country provides full support to a crazed man who is extolling the benefits of torture.


At 21 September 2006 at 06:25:00 CEST, Blogger anne altman said...

well said, shiney.

i see your hiney
it's nice and shiney
if you don't hide it
i'm gonna bite it

had to sing that ditty. it's been awhile!


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