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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Procrastination (aka My Mother)

There's not too much that I do better than procrastinate.

Actually that's not true. I can justify my procrastination admirably too.

I wonder how this happened. I mean, it's definitely not in my genes. My mum is like a piston. She's not just always doing something, she's doing it with purpose. She is the most organised person I know. I don't just say this because she is my mother. In fact, I remember in about year 11 a friend said to me, "Shiney, she's not your mother, she's your fucking PA." Which I resented at the time, until I realised how awesome it was that, despite the fact that my mother was completely nuts and had to be actively doing something all the time, a large portion of that time she was doing for me, or my sister, or both of us.


Recently she gave me the best tip ever. And, my non-existent readers, I will share it with you here. She told me, "Shiney, as soon as you get home, don't fucking sit down and take a break, you'll never get back up again. You can have you goddamn break after you finish (insert random, horrible, normally thesis-related task here)."* At the time I may have made a derisive snort, but, against all odds, my PA was right.

Now, I am not too sure where this post is going... Oh that's right, nowhere, I'm simply procrastinating.

A thousand pardons.

My mother would never say "fucking". Y'know, just FYFI**.
**FYFI = For Your Fucking Information


At 14 February 2008 at 16:33:00 CET, OpenID David G said...

This post made me scream inside. My mother used to say the same thing -- you can have "free time" when all your work is finished. It took me years to realize it, but I now consider this a major contributor to my current procrastination. There was always unfinished work, of course, so pretty much all my "free time" had to be snuck when my mother wasn't looking. If she caught me, she'd ask if I'd finished all my work, and then basically tell me to get to work (not unkindly). Going deeper, it has to do with who's in control, me or someone else. If I actually did get some work done after she left the room, I felt, (without fully realizing it at the time,) it was just a victory for her, and an avoided misdeed for me. If my Mom had always said, "You must work for one hour today, whenever you want, and otherwise just have fun," I would have gotten so much more work done in high school, given the epic amount of procrastination I did, had a lot less daily guilt, and not developed so much neurosis about work. (I forgive her, she was obviously just trying to help.) Anyway, not sure if any of this applies to you, but a good book in any case is "Procrastination" by Burka and Yuen, and after that "The Now Habit".


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