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Friday, June 02, 2006

The goodness, the badness, and the... oh I don't know.

Sorry about the shitty title. I couldn't really think of anything else that fit in with the goodness and the badness. Anyhoo, the goodness: I handed in my resignation at work. Then the best thing happened, they offered me a job doing only 2 days a week in a area where I will actually see real people, and then they gave me a raise (per hour, less hours, so overall less pay, but you get the point), and THEN they let me have two weeks off to finish all my uni stuff and to freak the fuck out about how I am going to get it all finished in time.

Uh oh, I kind of let slip as to what the badness was (i.e., uni work), but the point is that I have a job that is :
- more interesting
- involves interaction with real people
- more money
- less hours


But, in reality this is just a procratinatory (word?) post, in order to stop me from my research/exam study. Man, I really don't understand why I wanted a double major. I should have just stuck with history, but instead I decided to do a double (psych is the other one), and now I have to learn lots of shitty stats and boring CRAP that I really can't stand. I don't know why I bother really. I should've quit when I had the chance, but by the time I finished all the 2nd year subjects (around about the same time the rest of my friends were finishing their degrees and becoming "people with real lives") I felt like I had committed to the bloody thing and should keep going with it. BIG MISTAKE! Oh well. If anybody knows anything, anything at all about multiple regression feel free to email me, because I have nothing, abso-fucking-lutely NADA.

In other news, how great is Big Brother? I know I have mentioned it before and that I said that I didn't like some of the people, but I have backflipped totally on nearly everyone. I seem to be totally obsessed with these people. I actually check the website for BB06 at least twice a day. Is this wrong?!?! (NB Please do not answer) But my obsession is mainly centred around Jamie and Katie, I think that they are adorable, and the idea that they might end up together (Marty and Jess, pre-divorce style) makes me very happy. Although on the topic of Marty and Jess, what on earth did they think they were doing moving to Darwin? I mean really, how is that going to help things, isolating yourselves like that. Crazy pants.

Okay, that is really enough of this procrastination. Although I guess that today has not involved any references to Chris Issaak, so this is positive. Oh, and I discovered this blog (don't worry, it's not new, I'm just very slow) and very much like it. I'm not too sure why I am pimping this, as she clearly has a lot more readers than I do, but I like it, and wanted to share it with the two people who check this blog occasionally. Wish me luck for exams/essays/thesis planning etc.



At 3 June 2006 at 06:50:00 CEST, Blogger mscynic said...

Why, thank you. I'm glad you enjoy it.

I'm hearing you on the procrastination thing. Sigh.

Also, congrats on the new (old but improved) job.

Kind regards,
Ms Cynic


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