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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gay Marriage, ey?

I just can't believe that this is still even an issue.
Why would there be some kind of gender distinction in marriage? Why does it have to be about only a man and a woman?

I found this little piece of gold in my relentless trawling of YouTube. Ah, it's always a pleasure to hear conservatives resort to stupid arguments such as: "Gay people are part of families, they're sons and daughters..." Only to be shot down by any person within distance who obtains a brain: "So that is the gay ceiling??!!" Aaaaahhh, better than sex, my friends, better than sex.

As soon as we accepted that marriage did not have to be a religious event, surely the realisation that whatever kooky shit them crazy christians are getting out of that over-read ol' book (ie., man and man/woman and woman love is BAAAAAAAAAAD) no longer needs to apply either. I know I like to take the simplistic line here, but why the fuck does it scare people so much? And to pretend that to object to gay marriage is to not be homophobic or to harbour some kind of desire to discriminate against people with different sexual preference to you is flat-out, bat-shit craaaaaaazee!

Okay, I think that we've had enough of this rant for today. But this is not finished. Everyone who has a computer, a pen and paper, or just a screwed up piece of torn out Spirax notebook and a chewed up stump of an HB pencil, should be writing informed and rational letters to whoever your fancy takes:

- The Shadow Federal Attorney-General:
- The Federal Attorney-General:
- The Victorian Attorney-General:

I would suggest (not that I know anything about this, wink wink, nudge nudge) going straight to the ministers, instead of the heads of government (eg, Premiers and Prime Minister) as it just gets flicked to the departments anyway. My personal fav would have to be Nicola Roxon, as it appears that the ALP are yet to really make up their minds on this platform, and maybe we can apply the pressure.

Anyway, that's enough of that, I just know that invariably it is the crazy conservatives that pull out their fine blue fountain pens and inundate the ministers with mail pimping their intolerance, so anything that they get that is reasoned and reasonably succinct is immediately a stand-out.

So I say: Go public, inform your leaders! As a lovely man named Michnik once said: "Nothing instructs the authorities better than pressure from below." Sure he was talking about totalitarian Poland, but really, think about young Johnny's recent bullshit efforts, how far off are we!?



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