The Thaw Generation

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


At the moment I am going through a dilemma. I can't really get the guts up to quit my job. But I need to so that I can really kick ass in my honours year, which I am starting mid-semester.
I know, it sounds weird that I am having a problem quitting, but to me, it has always been really important to be independent financially, and going back to relying on the government, and *shudder* my parents, is completely fucking horrifying to me. Completely.
I assume that noone reads this outside of me, as I am too much of a baby to tell anyone about it, in case, gasp, someone comes and reads it. But sometimes I wish that there was a silent mass of people who would step forward and give me their advice on matters of concern... Dammit.
Anyone who has done their honours, tell me, honestly, how many hours did you work during it, and what do you think a procrastinator who clings onto any semblence of distraction should work during their honours year. My personal belief is that I should drop out of society for a year, and sit quietly in a room doing nothing but study. But maybe that's a little extreme. FRICK!
Anyway, I had better go and actually get my shit together and get into the fricking course.


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