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Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's Cookin'?

Okay, I have a shameful secret. I LOVE cooking shows. In fact I enjoy cooking shows to a truly frightening degree. I have a particular favourite at the moment which is Rick Stein. For some reason, and it's probably because I am doing the (dreadfully boring) "trying to lose weight" thing, I think I enjoy cooking and watching cookery shows more than pretty much anything else at the moment. Good lord, the pain of it all. I think I almost have to stop talking about it, as I can feel myself getting a bit angsty and needing to either go cook something or turn on the TV. Damn it.

I can't quite bring myself to stop talking about cooking, but I will endeavour to stop the chitchat about cooking shows. I have always been worried that enjoying cooking meant that I subscribed to some weird, deeply-entrenched theory that women belong in the kitchen, blah blah blah. So you can imagine my delight when I happened upon the bonafide patriarchy-blamer Twisty, who combines fairly upfront feminism (my favourite kind) and cooking. Very happy indeed.

Now I am sure that you all (hahaha, look at me, I got one comment, and now I am referring to " you all", kill me) have read this article, which I felt really raised important issues about the slime that occupy our radio-waves. That's right, really important issues. Hang on, did anyone ever actually think these guys weren't complete douchebags? Who? That is like saying that Andrew Bolt is a thought provoking intellectual. (PS Did we all read his latest diatribe? Although kudos to ol' Bolta for using the phrase: "the new leprosy of Christianity".) The man is a conservative fool who speaks of "family-values" and "patriotism" in a manner that makes me feel dirty for loving my family and my country. (Apologies for that past sentence, but I do kinda like my family and Australia, and it doesn't matter how you say it, you always end up sounding just a little bit like a Steve Fielding).

Wow, I think I am going to stop now, as I have managed to swap from cooking shows to Bolt-bashing, and despite my absolute love for both, I think that I have veered quickly into a ranty-type moment. I think I'll calm down with a short blast of the Lifestyle Channel.


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