The Thaw Generation

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The end is nigh

I think I finally have managed to get up the bollocks to quit my depressingly lonely, unfulfilling, generally SHITHOUSE job. As a very lowly public servant who spends all day answering the phone to people who are upset that the Minister I work for (oooooh, cryptic, but I assure you this is a nice state level LABOR minister) won't have a meeting with them... IMMEDIATELY, I should be happy to jettison myself as far off the mouldy old pier that is employment and into the loving arms of Centrelink. But for some reason I can't. I just find it impossible, and every time that I try and do it, they come back to me with the tantalising, but as yet unrealised promise of part-time work, or better yet, the department paying for my HECS. Holy Jesus, can you imagine!? The government paying for me! I know, this is why we pay taxes, kids. So that you can pay for me to get all learned up in stuff. I can hear your little hearts beating with joy.

But the idea of being supported by the Commonwealth Government horrifies me. I wonder if I would be happier if I felt it was the shiney silver dollar of Julia Gillard that was putting me through night school (note to all, I do not attend night school, just early evening school)? I think I might be. But surely as a filthy left-leaning student I am expected to sponge of the hard-working suckers' tax money? I am so confused.

So for now, I just sit and hope that I get the part-time job, because god help us all, you do NOT want to have to hear me whining about job-hunting. Oh no you don't.

That's about all I got in me, people, now it's back to writing about how human rights brought down communism in the Soviet bloc. Wish me luck.

(Speaking of blocs/blocks, go see Dave Chapelle's Block Party. Excellent.)


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