The Thaw Generation

Friday, April 28, 2006

So this is blogging...

I guess that all blogs start with this post.
The one where you wonder why you started this, if anyone will ever read it, if you want them to, and how much to reveal.
Well, I guess the main reason I am starting this blog is I feel that my recent anxiety problems have perhaps had something to do with my tendency to bottle shit up. Maybe, although I think I am a relatively open person, I sometimes find myself very emotional in times of minor conflict, so obviously there's some shit going on back there that I am not dealing with... Maybe.
Or perhaps I just wish to write for no reason, instead of churning out the essays that are required of me at school.
I don't know if I am meant to type about all about me in this first entry.
Maybe I should just leave it for now.


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