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Friday, April 28, 2006

And I'm back

Okay, so turns out maybe I wasn't done in that first blog entry.
So I guess that the blog is called Current Events, so I should get onto that, and right now there are two extremely different topics dominating my mind: Big Brother, and the fuck-up in returning the body of a dead Australian soldier to Australia from Iraq.
I know, strange combo, huh? But there you go.
The Iraq thing first of all. For those of you not following please follow this to find out what I am talking about. For those of you too lazy, here is my summary:
- Jake Kovco is shot in Iraq, whilst in his room, with two other guys.
- We are told he was cleaning his pistol, when it was accidentally discharged and shot him in the head. He died.
- Then his body is to sent back to Australia to his family, for burial.
- Body arrives...
- WTF!!!!!
- We are now told that he wasn't cleaning his gun. But nothing more.
- The family starts screaming for answers.
- The press try very hard not to make it look like a suicide.

Right, now we're all up to date.

But before I go any further, and I do this as I realise that if you're reading this, you have NO idea who, or what, the fuck I am, so here is my stance on the death of Jake Kovco: very, very sad. I am not pissing around, this is clearly a really fucked up event.

BUT, what the hell is going on? Seriously!
First, we (and apparently the family) are told that he shot himself whilst cleaning his gun, then, after a random stranger arrives home in his coffin, we are told, nope, not cleaning his gun (I'm sorry that that particular phrase has such a puerile double-entendre attached to it).

So I am pretty much set on the idea that this was a suicide, and I can think of nothing sadder then getting to the point where you are so fucked up emotionally that you think that killing yourself is the only way out. I mean the guy has two young kids. Frick.

Onto rosier topics, Big Brother. Man, I have totally been off the bandwagon the past few years, but I am pleased to announce myself officially: On the bandwagon. That's right kids, I love this year's bunch of housemates. Bring it the fuck on. I really can't think of a better year of people. Your thoughts?
I mean lets pull this apart:
- We have hot gay David = GREAT
- We have strangely compelling breast implant mother and daughter duo = like a car crash
- We have the possibility of the most annoying housemate being kicked out first week because he has no clue that they're mother and daughter = tremendous
- We have a girl that I like for no good reason (Tilli) = standard

Then to top it all off, we have three really annoying irritating people (John, Ashley and Anna), so I don't have to be too bothered when they get evicted first! Huzzah!

Alright that is enough for me. If you'd like hilarious (if slightly haphazard) BB06 reporting, please head directly here.


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