The Thaw Generation

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fricking rain

So this morning when I woke up it was raining.
I decided to just lie it out, and wait until the rain was finished so I could go for a walk and not be drenched. By 12.30pm I decided that enough was enough and got out of bed. Now with the heating on and not too much to do outside of blog or continue to read the shitty Grisham book I stole from my parents' house, I've pretty much given up on the idea of the walk.
After trawling the internet for quite some time I have realised that while it is possibly the best procrastinatory tool available, it's still not that great. The blogs I regularly check aren't normally updated on the weekend, and those that are only really take about an hour total to check. Frick.
Maybe I will do a short bit about the name of the blog so that it doesn't sound quite as dicky.
My interest, at present, is in the dissidents that lived under the communist regimes of Eastern Europe and Russia during the 1960s-1980s. In Moscow there was an underground journal called The Chronicle of Current Events, that went out of its way to publish stories about the mistreatment of the oppositional characters by these regimes, and the activities of these oppositional groups/individuals. Anyway, I've always felt it was a bit of a crap title, but for some reason over the past year or so, as I have been reading more about it as I prepare for my thesis based on it, I have become really attached to the idea of a "chronicle", especially one that attempts to do the impossible: present an unbiased and impartial account of life under a totalitarian regime. Add to the mix the fact that anyone who was found to be contributing, producing, copying, reading or possessing the Chronicle soon found their treatment at the hands of the political police decribed within the pages of that publication.
It is really very heart-breaking to think of all those highly educated people being forced to live out their lives in prison camps or pyschiatric hospitals just due to their unshakeable belief that a democratic way of life was the most important thing in the world.

Friday, April 28, 2006

And I'm back

Okay, so turns out maybe I wasn't done in that first blog entry.
So I guess that the blog is called Current Events, so I should get onto that, and right now there are two extremely different topics dominating my mind: Big Brother, and the fuck-up in returning the body of a dead Australian soldier to Australia from Iraq.
I know, strange combo, huh? But there you go.
The Iraq thing first of all. For those of you not following please follow this to find out what I am talking about. For those of you too lazy, here is my summary:
- Jake Kovco is shot in Iraq, whilst in his room, with two other guys.
- We are told he was cleaning his pistol, when it was accidentally discharged and shot him in the head. He died.
- Then his body is to sent back to Australia to his family, for burial.
- Body arrives...
- WTF!!!!!
- We are now told that he wasn't cleaning his gun. But nothing more.
- The family starts screaming for answers.
- The press try very hard not to make it look like a suicide.

Right, now we're all up to date.

But before I go any further, and I do this as I realise that if you're reading this, you have NO idea who, or what, the fuck I am, so here is my stance on the death of Jake Kovco: very, very sad. I am not pissing around, this is clearly a really fucked up event.

BUT, what the hell is going on? Seriously!
First, we (and apparently the family) are told that he shot himself whilst cleaning his gun, then, after a random stranger arrives home in his coffin, we are told, nope, not cleaning his gun (I'm sorry that that particular phrase has such a puerile double-entendre attached to it).

So I am pretty much set on the idea that this was a suicide, and I can think of nothing sadder then getting to the point where you are so fucked up emotionally that you think that killing yourself is the only way out. I mean the guy has two young kids. Frick.

Onto rosier topics, Big Brother. Man, I have totally been off the bandwagon the past few years, but I am pleased to announce myself officially: On the bandwagon. That's right kids, I love this year's bunch of housemates. Bring it the fuck on. I really can't think of a better year of people. Your thoughts?
I mean lets pull this apart:
- We have hot gay David = GREAT
- We have strangely compelling breast implant mother and daughter duo = like a car crash
- We have the possibility of the most annoying housemate being kicked out first week because he has no clue that they're mother and daughter = tremendous
- We have a girl that I like for no good reason (Tilli) = standard

Then to top it all off, we have three really annoying irritating people (John, Ashley and Anna), so I don't have to be too bothered when they get evicted first! Huzzah!

Alright that is enough for me. If you'd like hilarious (if slightly haphazard) BB06 reporting, please head directly here.

So this is blogging...

I guess that all blogs start with this post.
The one where you wonder why you started this, if anyone will ever read it, if you want them to, and how much to reveal.
Well, I guess the main reason I am starting this blog is I feel that my recent anxiety problems have perhaps had something to do with my tendency to bottle shit up. Maybe, although I think I am a relatively open person, I sometimes find myself very emotional in times of minor conflict, so obviously there's some shit going on back there that I am not dealing with... Maybe.
Or perhaps I just wish to write for no reason, instead of churning out the essays that are required of me at school.
I don't know if I am meant to type about all about me in this first entry.
Maybe I should just leave it for now.