The Thaw Generation

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Triumphant Return

I wrote the title of this post about a month ago and have not returned since. I think that is indicative of just how triumphant this return is. Oh dear.

I've tried, dear readership, how I've tried to keep this love alive.

Enough of that. Truth be told, when I started this blog about 4 years ago, I never never never wanted anybody to ever find it. And then nobody did find it, and like a small child who never gets paid any attention, I quietly went away. I rediscovered the blog approx a month ago (when I wrote the slightly over-enthusiastic title for this blog post), read back over it and wasn't deeply deeply ashamed about my 24 year old ramblings. I figure that, if nothing else, is good enough reason to attempt to resuscitate this old bugger. So let's give it a crack. I'll try and post something once a week, and you'll... well, you'll visit... right? Once a week? Guys?

Monday, October 02, 2006

"If they love each other so goddamn much, why don't they just get married and live happily ever fucking after?"

Nation Sickened By Sight Of Happy Young Couple

The Onion

Nation Sickened By Sight Of Happy Young Couple

WASHINGTON, DC—Three states have already passed "Get A Room" ordinances to combat the Oak Park, IL couple's playful nudging and incessant hand-holding.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thanks! Thanks a Fucking Bunch!

So, today I read this.

That's pretty much it.

I am speechless. Really, Ruddock has outdone himself.

For those of you too lazy to read the article, here is the highlight:

- Philly R., says that, "I don't regard sleep deprivation as torture. I've not heard it being put in that way."

What a toss-monkey. In situations like these I wish that I had more than expletives. But unfortunately due to my complete distraction at present by Hugh Grant in Love Actually, all I can give you is made-up swears.

All I can say is, I am so sorry that I am part of a nation that appears to have voted in a government that seems to think that it is appropriate to put a man like Phillip Ruddock
in the position of Attorney-General and send him out to make these kind of completely outrageous statements.

Recently Little Johnny has been going on and on about the necessity of proper history classes for our young'ns. Maybe Philly R. could be enrolled and forced to read all three volumes of Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago.

What a cunt.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Procrastination (aka My Mother)

There's not too much that I do better than procrastinate.

Actually that's not true. I can justify my procrastination admirably too.

I wonder how this happened. I mean, it's definitely not in my genes. My mum is like a piston. She's not just always doing something, she's doing it with purpose. She is the most organised person I know. I don't just say this because she is my mother. In fact, I remember in about year 11 a friend said to me, "Shiney, she's not your mother, she's your fucking PA." Which I resented at the time, until I realised how awesome it was that, despite the fact that my mother was completely nuts and had to be actively doing something all the time, a large portion of that time she was doing for me, or my sister, or both of us.


Recently she gave me the best tip ever. And, my non-existent readers, I will share it with you here. She told me, "Shiney, as soon as you get home, don't fucking sit down and take a break, you'll never get back up again. You can have you goddamn break after you finish (insert random, horrible, normally thesis-related task here)."* At the time I may have made a derisive snort, but, against all odds, my PA was right.

Now, I am not too sure where this post is going... Oh that's right, nowhere, I'm simply procrastinating.

A thousand pardons.

My mother would never say "fucking". Y'know, just FYFI**.
**FYFI = For Your Fucking Information

Friday, September 22, 2006

R & R

Today a good friend of mine, let's call her Ramona, was told by a guy that she had a casual on-going relationship with, let's call him Raphael, that he had been having sex with another girl whilst they were together...

I know, I know, it sounds like a bit of a SO WHAT? But, let me give you the context!

Ramona was in a foreign land when she met Raphael, so the reason that they weren't in a monogomous-y type relationship was that she was going home in about 5 months. And they had a clear understanding that if he was to find someone (from his home town) that he wished to have a more serious relationship then their arrangement would finish. Immediately. Turns out Raphael decides that he would prefer to continue putting his penis in both Ramona and a new lady without informing either female party.

This led me to the following conclusion: Cunt.

I know I overuse that word, but REALLY! This guy! (I don't know what is the typing equivalent of throwing my hands up in absolute disbelief, but let's pretend it is the following symbol: ~!~) All I can do is ~!~.

Man, I love the gents, LOVE them.* But this kind of fuck-wittery is really beyond me.


*Special shout out to young Justin Timberlake, who is, as I keep telling anyone who will listen, PRACTICALLY my boyfriend, due in no small part to the amount of time I spend with him** everyday.
** Listening to his song SexyBack is the same as spending time with JT, and all you mean bastards who say different can fuck off.